Red Carpet Photo Booth – FAQs

Before you book any photo booth please see bellow video clip published by an US photo booth top provider:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we receive:

Q – Is the Red Carpet Photo Booth an enclosed booth?
A – No, unlike the photo booths you see at the mall, the Red Carpet Photo Booth is an open-air booth. We like to think of it more as a professional, portable photography studio! All of our equipment is professional photography equipment from the camera and lights to the backdrops and editing software. And we are professional photographers too! We highly encourage you to compare our photos to those of our competitors – we are sure that you will be highly impressed by our high-quality professional photos.

Q – How many people can we fit in the booth?
A – The photo booth typically fits around 4-5 people comfortably. That being said we use professional equipment, therefore we are able to adjust each picture to fit more or less people. The maximum we have been able to fit in one picture was 20 people. Care to challenge that record?

Q – Can I customize the pictures?
A – At Red Carpet Photo Booth we are ALL about customization! We want your pictures to be as unique as possible so we offer a wide variety of in-house backdrops and props. We will also customize prints with borders, text and logos to make your pictures truly yours. If you want your photos to be completely unique or if you have a specific theme you wish to bring out, we can even create a custom backdrop and/or bring props specific for your event! (additional cost)

Q – How much space do you require for the set up?
A – The more room the better, especially if you want on-site printing and want to fit a lot of people in the booth, but we can adapt to smaller and/or awkward spaces. For best results, an area of 10′ x 10′ is requested. If you aren’t sure where to put the booth, ask your wedding planner or the on-site coordinator where photo booths have typically been placed in the past to give you an idea. Also, the closer we are to a power supply, the better.

Q – Does the Red Carpet Photo Booth save the images as digital files?
A – The photo booth software can be set to Print Only, Print and Save as .jpg, or Save as .jpg only. Each individual image as well as the
selected output can be saved.

Q – When and where can I access pictures from an event I attended?
A – Within 48 hours of the event that you attended, all of the pictures will be professionally edited, cropped, touched up (as needed) and posted in a password-secured online photo album on our website. Click on the “Event Galleries” button (located on the top right hand corner of the website) and find the online photo album for your event.

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